Aiken Avenue Apartments contains a mixture of 2-3 storey post-war and contemporary single private residences with a number of multi-unit apartment buildings interspersed. The subject site is bound by larger residential properties to the rear with an assortment of larger, high density residential buildings on Queenscliff Rd.

The proposed development aims to replace the existing three storey apartment building with a new four storey apartment building containing three bedroom apartments. The proposal will terrace with the fall of the site, responding to the natural topography and character of the area providing opportunities for a green roof; further integrating the new precinct into the context of densely tree lined streets, backyards and parks, while being considerate of the views and amenity of the neighbouring properties.

By Toby Breakspear, Ciaran Acton, John Kang, Matthew Argent, 2017-Current.