A second CBD is evolving to cater for Sydney’s vast scale and increasing population and changing distribution. Parramatta will form a second CBD to service the expanding west of the city. The growth of Parramatta creates an interesting narrative for the Blue Mountains World Heritage area. The once small and sleepy bush towns strung along the highway will become highly desirable places to live in housing typologies not previously seen in the area. Blaxland is one of a string of such towns in the Blue Mountains preparing for it’s new relationship to Parramatta. Breakspear Architects were asked to image a town centre model with new housing and commercial typologies.

A single strip of two storey mixed-used buildings that fronts the highway with a large rear lot, on-grade parking area was suggested to Blaxland Town Centre. An active pedestrian laneway will offer a prime incentive for existing and future commercial developments to the nearby areas.


By Toby Breakspear, Tiffany Liew. For Blue Mountains City Council