Breakspear Architects have been selected to design a new lifeguard tower for Bronte Beach. We are giving great importance to the act of placing a structure on a beach as the coast is a special environment considered sacrosanct
in Australian culture. The structures will be prefabricated for easy installation and removal from the site, in much the same way beach-goers arrange and pack-up their towels, umbrellas, surfboards and eskies in weekend rituals.

Placing a designed small infrastructure project to support public amenity on the beach foreshore in a sensitive marine environment requires careful consideration of the site, it’s opportunities and constraints and a deep understanding of place. We collaborated with Council and undertook extensive stakeholder and community consultation to deliver a high quality design solution which demonstrates understanding of the cultural heritage of Bronte Park and the beach front.

By Toby Breakspear, Tiffany Liew, 2017-Current. For Northern Beaches Council.