Breakspear Architects have been selected to design a new community activation centre for Jordan Springs East. It is a unique opportunity to provide amenity for a newly constructed suburb that connects the town centre and the neighbouring residential estate. The structure is embedded into the existing landscape taking advantage of the views to Wianamatta Regional Park and provides an accessible roof as an extension of the park. The amphitheatre offers the community a range of flexible uses from cultural events and performances, to night markets and exhibitions. Lendlease and Penrith Council engaged Breakspear to deliver a small infrastructure project to support public amenity for a small public park nestled between a shopping centre and residential development. We provided a high quality design solution which demonstrates an understanding of community sentiment and the ecological and cultural heritage of the area.


By Toby Breakspear, Ciaran Acton, John Kang, 2017-Current. For LendLease