The robust rationality of oneA is a framework for sustainable urban living that brings residents and their surrounds together in a rich ecology of life. Each apartment has an integrated living and balcony space that encourages outdoor dwelling along the building’s leafy edge. A lush communal garden fills the OneA’s courtyard. Over an outdoor public foyer and entry, a void dramatically rises to the sky through the building’s main vertical axis. Branching from the central void and foyer are breezeway links that make a pedestrian street for movement throughout the building in the constant presence of natural elements. A modular, off-form concrete frame, inset with anodised aluminium panels offers the street a facade of coherence and rhythm. The raw and robust materials will patina and age gracefully with time. Creepers reach the full height of the building and operable fabric awnings combine to soften and enliven OneA’s enduring presence.

By Toby Breakspear, in collaboration with Kann Finch (Executive Architect), 2015-2018. Photography by Tom Ferguson.

City of Sydney Design Excellence Competition, 1st Place
2019 NSW Architecture Awards, Shortlist