Turramurra pavilion is a room lined with timber and perched amongst the tree canopy. Sliding doors disappear beyond side walls on cantilevered tracks; an interior becomes a balcony. It is a flexible space that can be enjoyed year round. During summer days it is for barbecues with friends and coming and going to the pool. In the evenings, doors can be left open, screens retracted and it lets the whole house breathe the cooling night air. In winter the Northern sun streams through closed glazing for a warm spot to read on the lounge. The main bedroom can open or close to the pavilion depending on who is around. A pre-fabricated steel frame ensures low cost and expedited construction. It is architecture that transforms how a standard suburban house can be lived in with only minor adjustment to the existing dwelling.

By Toby Breakspear, Matthew Argent, Ciaran Acton, 2017-Current